Presa pentru demontat si montat bucsi, BGS-1514

Preț special 1.306,06 RON 1.097,53 RON Preț standard 1.423,24 RON
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BGS 1514 Presa pentru demontat si montat bucsi

Presa pentru bucsi, 21-piese
- universal type for all car models
- also for assembly or disassembly of silent bearings,rubber- and ball bearings
- also suitable for rubber bushes and rotary shaft seals
- smooth running because of high-quality ball bearing
on spindle screw nut
- four 350 mm spindles in M10, M12, M14 und M16
- 20 inner pressure pad in 34, 36, 38 mm bis 72 mm
- 20 outer pressure pad in 44, 46, 48 mm bis 82 mm
- pressure pads are slotted for visual control